Do you have good chemistry in the… kitchen?

Posted on 25 February 2011


This couple certainly seem to have spicy relations

Lefou, I’m afraid I’ve been thinking. A dangerous pastime, I know.

This time it has nothing to do with languages, per se. Body language, perhaps. Communication – definitely.

I admit it: I do not enjoy cooking for myself. I never have. I probably never will. I make sure there’s a reasonable amount of fruit and vegetable in what I cook – and as long as it’s minimal effort, I’m happy.

My flatmate always tells me that having someone else cook for you is always infinitely better than cooking for yourself, and that this rule, well… doesn’t end with the kitchen.

I’m not sure if I agree, because something funny happens when I cook for – or with – someone else. Not everyone, mind – has to be someone special.

This is one of the interesting things I brought back with me from South America.

The interest I had in what I’m cooking just wrenched skywards – and, what’s more, I was getting better at it!

Suddenly I had ideas, I was timing things better; I was buying more interesting ingredients.

Basically, I started thinking outside my rather small culinary box.

Last night I was at two very good friends’ house – we were feasting on the fruits of hours spent in the kitchen. By them, of course.

It was exquisite. A rainbow of sushi. All handmade, fresh and tasty.

And they clearly had fun making it.

I got there a bit early and saw how cute they were – finishing off making the dinner together.

And it made me remember how when I was cooking last for someone (someone I’m rather fond of), I felt I could perhaps give Ansley Harriott a run for his money.

Is it just the age-old “I want to please someone, therefore I’m going to take more of an interest in it”, or is there something about food and preparing it that adds an extra dimension to building a relationship?

It made me think, and hope, that good relationships shine through in all parts of daily life – and that you can find happiness in previously unknown ways and places.

And indeed, why not in the kitchen.


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