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Bribes, roads… and bribes on the road

June 15, 2011


Nothing gets tongues clacking more fervently in the more liberal Russian media outlets than two topics. Vzyatki – bribes – are as quintessential a part of Russian life, just as not saying what you really think is in Britain. A close second to bribes come dorogi – roads – and the appalling state they are […]

Mladić Arrested at the Slavonic Crossroads

May 26, 2011


Ratko Mladić’s name was splashed across the straplines of 24-hour news channels today after the former Bosnian Serb army chief was detained in an area of northern Serbia. The arrest was made in the town of Lazarevo – in the autonomous Vojvodina province, a veritable linguistic spaghetti junction. Few places in Europe act as such a crossroads […]

Osama bin Laden: slippery characters

May 6, 2011


While the world is deciding whether it wants to return Barack Obama to “hero” status after the capture and killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, or bay for his blood for not releasing the “gory, inflammatory” photos of bin Laden’s lifeless, bloodied corpse – one thing seems to be troubling both politicians and reporters […]

Kyrgyzstan: A Goat’s Worst Nightmare

April 21, 2011


Kyrgyzstan is a weirdly wonderful place, but I don’t think it’s to everyone’s taste. It has been called a number of things – a Central Asian Switzerland, the real homeland of Santa Claus, the one democracy Central Asia has to offer. But it should really be called: “a goat’s worst nightmare”. Read on… Today news came […]

Laurent Gbagbo: as complex as his consonants?

April 11, 2011


It would appear Laurent Gbagbo is bound to be behind bars before too long, having been busted from his bunker. Like how I alliterated the [b]s in that sentence? Including Gbagbo? In French, and – in the case – so in English, Gbagbo is rendered as /bagbo/ – completely steamrollering the nicest linguistic feature of […]

Has Libya’s Majnun come between Russia’s Tandem?

March 21, 2011


So it’s come to this. Fork in the road. The tiny cracks that were once so easily “paperoverable” have festered and are conspiring to part the wall apart. Maybe. Although there have been a few very, very played-down cases of ruffled feathers between Russia’s ruling tandem, this is the most public negative comment President Dmitry […]

Bahhhhrain, but not Frrrrrance. Why Anglicise selectively?

March 17, 2011


As the news swings back from earthquake- and tsunami-hit Japan, casting its gaze back on events in the Arab World, one of my favourite things about newsreaders is back on our screens. Ever notice how some people who read the news change accents when reading some foreign cities or names? If you have, you’re not […]